When taking measurements, use a "cloth" tape not a regular tape measure (metal). You will need another person to take your measurements.
If you take your own measurements, they may not be correct. Take your actual body measurements, do not pull the tape tight or have it loose. We can not use clothing size, the item needs to be skin tight. Any alterations or changes due to inaccurate measurements will be at the cost of the customer.

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1. Height

10. Weight

2. Chest (for Men)

Measure around the upper torso just at the chest hight with arms down at your side.

11. Mid Torso (Stomach)

Measure around mid torso at the largest point.

3. Bust (for Women)
Measure around the upper torso at bust line with arms down at your side.

4. Under Bust (for Women)
Measure just under the bust line.

5. Under Bust to Navel (for Women)
From just under the bust line to the navel.

12. Crotch

Measure from the navel through the crotch to where the navel would pass through the back.

6. Back

Measure from the C-7 vertebra at base of neck down the back to where the navel would pass through the back.

13. Waist

Measure at the navel (not the pants measurement).

7. Hips

Measure around the mid hip or at largest point of the hips.

14. Thigh

Measure at about 2” below the crotch.

8. Calf

Measure at mid point of the calf.

15. Leg Strap

Measure from hip through crotch to hip.

9. Full Torso Height

measure from top of shoulder to crotch, down the front side.

16. Torso from shoulder to waist

Measure from top of shoulder down front to waist (navel).

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