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Action Fire Jel Information 

Action Fire Jel is a thermal protective hydrogel that used properly will absorb heat and may offer a level of protection from thermal exposure.

Action Fire Jel was developed for use by trained and experienced Stunt and Special Effects professionals to increase their exposure time to elevated thermal environments.

Action Fire Jel can be applied directly to the skin and can be used to saturate a protective under layer for body burns.

Action Fire Jel is opaque white by nature however it can be tinted with water based make up to achieve any skin tone desired.

Action Fire Jel can be used at package consistency and at room temperature however it is recommended that it be refrigerated prior to use for greater thermal absorption.

Action Fire Jel has a similar reactivity as water and can be transported by all methods of shipment.

Action Fire Jel has a five (5) year shelf life in its original unopened container.  It does not require refrigerated storage.

Action Fire Jel is:

  • Bacteriostatic
  • Non-irritating
  • Non-staining
  • Removes easily with water from skin, hair, and clothing.

Action Fire Jel will only be sold for professional use and a signed waiver of liability must be on file prior to shipment of the product.

Action Fire Jel is available in its original formula or the new high-viscosity formula.  The high-viscosity is approximately 50% thicker in viscosity.

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